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Ralph Weiner & Associates offers BerniePortal at no accitonal charge to help employers with the most robust benefits administration and HR software in the market.

BerniePortal is the only HRIS platform with solutions for every stage in the employee lifecycle from hiring to offboarding - and everything in between.

  • Applicant Tracking - find the best candidates faster by bringing your recruitment online.
  • Onboarding - first days should be about getting to work, not paperwork.
  • Benefits
    - benefits can be complicated, but enrollment doesn’t have to be.
  • Time & Attendance - time management without the time commitment.
  • PTO Tracking - don’t waste your time tracking your team’s free time.
  • Performance - evaluate and communicate workplace performance.
  • Compliance - streamline communication without opening your inbox.
  • 1094-C / 1095 - Increase compliae and save time with BerniePortal 1094-C/ 1095-C Reporting.
  • COBRA Administration - take the sting out of COBRA Administration.

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Attract Applicants

Maximize your reach and attract the"A-players" with BerniePortal’s Indeed integration. BerniePortal automatically posts jobs to Indeed and collects applicant data once it’s been submitted. Collect a larger pool of skilled talent with no-login applications, custom job postings and streamlined communications.

Manage Candidates

With resumes, emails, and multiple hiring decision-makers, it can be difficult and time consuming to keep track of applicants. BerniePortal Applicant Tracking consolidates this clutter and organizes everything in one, easy-to-access location, enabling you to hire more efficiently without quality candidates slipping through the cracks. Use BerniePortal Applicant Tracking to share candidate applications, messages, and internal feedback with all hiring decision-makers.

Offer & Onboard

Made a new hire? Transition seamlessly from hiring to onboarding without searching for and re-entering applicant information. BerniePortal’s end-to-end onboarding solution remembers data from the hiring process to speed up the completion of new hire documents such as W-4s, W-9s, I-9s, and even customizable forms and agreements.

Stay Compliant

Easily keep employees updated on company-wide announcements and policy changes. Assure compliance by requiring employee e-signatures and storing them in BerniePortal year-round. Even monitor which employees have viewed and which have signed each company notice directly from your dashboard view.

Customize Recipients

Need to send a notice to a select group of employees? BerniePortal has got you covered! Just create the notice, select a subgroup and send! Whether your notice is company-wide, segmented, or individually focused, BerniePortal can deliver your messages to the correct employees.

Send Friendly Reminders

Monitor which employees have viewed and which have signed each company notice directly from your dashboard view. Are any employees dragging their feet? Send individual or group reminders to complete the required documents, all without leaving BerniePortal!

Save Time

Using BerniePortal, employees can onboard online from any location. Save time by getting your new hire fully onboarded before their first day.

Eliminate Paperwork

With W-4s, I-9s and W-9s, new hire paperwork can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. BerniePortal automatically transfers all new hire information onto the official onboarding forms and stores the data for year- round compliance and documentation.

Track New Hires

Track your new hire's onboarding progress and send reminders to those who still need to finish. In need of an extra hand to manage onboarding? BerniePortal has got you covered. Delegate onboarding administration to your team members.

Distribute Employee Forms

Get the right documents to the right employees at the right time. BerniePortal 1094-C/1095-C mailing services keep you compliant by ensuring that employees receive the proper documents on time.

1094-C / 1095-C

Reporting Worried about ACA compliance? BerniePortal has got you covered! BerniePortal uses its enrollment and eligibility database to generate 1094-C / 1095-C reports. This built-in solution eliminates the need for a third party vendor so you can deliver your information directly to the IRS.

File Directly with the IRS

Because the IRS granted BerniePortal a Transmitter Control Code, BerniePortal has earned the ability to electronically file forms directly to the IRS for employers with over 250 employees. For employers with fewer than 250 employees, BerniePortal also provides traditional filing and mailing services.

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